Test review

This is an opportunity for the student to review a math assessment, quiz, or test.


  • For each and every incorrect question, copy and complete the following statements. 
  • When you have completed the assignment, glue the assessment into your math notebook and have your guardian or parent sign BOTH the Test Review and the assessment.

1. I missed question # __________________ .

2. This question asks me to _____________ .

3. For help with this concept, I can review ____ (my notes, my HW assignment, etc).

4. In order to answer this question correctly, I need to _____________ .

5. The correct answer is ____________ .

6. A test taking strategy that I have learned from this is ______________ .


1. When should I complete the Test Review assignment?

The Test Review must be completed after you receive your graded assignment.

2. Where should I record my Test Review responses?

 All 6 parts of the Test Review should be in your notebook.

3. Why should I complete the Test Review?

The Test Review is the opportunity for the student to reflect on the submitted work and develop stronger problem solving strategies.

4.  What are the other requirements for the Test Review assignment?

All assessments, quizzes, and tests AND Test Reviews MUST be signed by the adult who takes care of the student.