Course Description

NGSS 6th Grade Science


Course description: In this course our students will master the concepts in the 6th grade NGSS content standards for Science. They will demonstrate their understanding through individual work, lab activities, group activities, and presentations. In this class we will use the LAUSD adopted textbook, along with a wide variety of supplemental materials.

Required Materials: A notebook, a folder, the WRMS agenda book, the textbook.

Objectives and requirements: The main objective of this course is to develop our students’ inquiry skills. We will focus our study on Energy, Structure and Function of Cells, Growth and Development of Organisms, Earth’s Systems, Weather and Climate, Human Impact, Engineering Design. The students will also investigate the environmental issues we face today. Students will need to reason, infer, observe, predict, hypothesize, analyze, and reflect on the concepts they are learning. In this class, the students are expected to come to class prepared everyday with their completed assignments and the materials they need for their activities. They are expected to actively participate in the class discussions and activities. Participation in discussions requires the students to pose questions, present their ideas and solutions, and cooperatively engage in the activities. The students are expected to try their best and work diligently. I also want the students to be on task and to work cooperatively and respectfully with their classmates. Students are to use the science equipment with care and caution and for the sole purpose of the assigned activities.

Grading policy: The assignments for these courses are categorized and calculated using an average of homework assignments, classwork assignments, projects and labs, and tests/quizzes.

Progress Report and Report Card grades are based on a student’s average in each class. The grading scale is: 

A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% D = 60-69% F = 59% and below.

Students will also receive an evaluation for their work habits and cooperation. For these, students earn: 

E = Excellent (which means the student performs above what is expected)

S = Satisfactory (which means that the student does what is expected)

U = Unsatisfactory (which means that the student does not meet what is expected in the class)

Make-up Policy: Students will have one day for each day missed during an excused absence to turn in make-up work. Students are responsible for retrieving missed work when returning from an absence. Students and Ms Sofio will coordinate a schedule for make-up work for an extended absence.

Testing Policy: Scheduled tests must be taken on the assigned day. If a student has an activity conflict, the student must make arrangements with me prior to the scheduled test date to take the test. If a student misses a test due to illness or an excused absence, the student can schedule an appropriate time with me to take the test.